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MEP Launches Green Credit Program
The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) organized a ceremony in Beijing on June 24, for launching a green credit program with support from the China Development Bank, in which the banks, governments and investment companies will ...
  News Update
MEP Launches Green Credit Program  [21.07.2014]
Promoting Reduction of Dioxin Emission, FECO/MEP LaunchedIncentive Program for Centralized Incineration Facil...  [14.07.2014]
GEF- funded demonstration project of POPs waste disposal in China support to evaluation of historical POPs wa...  [11.07.2014]
Chinese MEP delegation visited UNIDO headquarters to expand cooperation and deepen communication  [19.05.2014]
Deputy Director General Chen Liang Invited to Attend the “UNIDO DAY” Event and Delivered a Keynote Speech  [20.05.2014]
  Bidding Announcements
REOI-Independent Verification of BAT/BEP Investment Performance  [04.05.2014]
REOI-Production of Project Video  [04.05.2014]
RUI-Research on Prohibition of use of HCFC-141b as blowing agent in three target sub-sectors under PU Foam Sect...  [28.04.2014]
RUI-Investigation on Existing BAT/BEP (ECF/TCF) Innovated Pulp Mills  [10.04.2014]
RUI-Summarization of BAT/BEP Demo Results and Development of BAT/BEP Guideline  [10.04.2014]
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