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The Online Acceptance of the Reporting on Environmental Pollution

1. The Online Acceptance System under the Ministry of Environmental Protection mainly accepts the public reporting on environmental pollution and ecological destructions. In accordance with the principle of regional management from the national “Regulations on Petitions”, the reports which are subject to the local environmental protection sectors will be transferred through this system to the relevant provincial environmental protection departments for investigation and disposal.

2.The report submitted through this system should meet the following requirements:

a. It shall have a specific object for complaint;
b. It shall have an explicit site of the event;
c. It shall have the act leading to environmental pollution and ecological destruction.

The complaint beyond the above-mentioned requirements will be dismissed.

3. Real-name report is encouraged and the informer shall provide phone number and address.

4. The name of the enterprise which has caused environmental pollution or ecological destruction shall be correctly filled in the blank column for “the name of the organization”.

5. When you fill in “the affiliated administrative region”, the information shall be accurate and detailed. You shall provide detailed information on the site of the illegal act or the address of the enterprise causing environmental pollution and ecological destruction, including the name of the town, village, and even the street.

6. The column for “Detailed description” shall be filled out as clearly as possible. The description of the pollution and the incurred destruction shall be objective, accurate and specific.

7. In order to improve the efficiency of the online acceptance system, please do not submit the same report repeatedly. When you report other problems, you can submit them separately.

8. The result for the online reporting could be inquired through the phone 010-12369.
The website of on-line complaint system: http://www.mep.gov.cn/gzfw/wsts/

The website of on-line complaint system: http://www.mep.gov.cn/gzfw/wsts/

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