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The Sino-Swedish Environmental Cooperation

The Sino-Swedish capacity building project for MEP to promote environmentally friendly enterprises in China

Sino-Swedish “Capacity Building Project for Ministry of Environmental Protection to Promote Environmentally Friendly Enterprises in China” is proposed by the MEP (former State Administration of Environmental Protection) of China and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. It aims to provide policies and technological support for promoting environmentally friendly enterprises in China. This project received SEK 4.5 million from Sweden and was launched in June 2006. FECO is responsible for this project. The project reviewed and assessed the existing industrial environmental management approaches in China and Sweden; studied thoroughly the full-fledged industrial environmental management methods in Europe and Sweden in particular and included those policies and approaches which are applicable to Chinese national conditions into our existing environmental management system. This project focused on improving the evaluation system of “environmentally friendly enterprises”, so as to promote MEP’s capability in controlling industrial pollution. Through conducting activities such as policies research, approach responsibility, methodology, seminar, study tour and information dissemination, the project made positive attempts in exploring “new path towards industrialization”. The final workshop of this project was convened in January 2009 and the final report was completed in June 2009.

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