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The Sino-Australian Environmental Cooperation

The Australian China Environment Development Partnership (ACEDP, former Australian China Environment Development Program) is a five-year, $25m Australian Government, AusAID initiative commenced in July 2007 with the objective of supporting and improving policy development in China in the area of environmental protection and natural resources management.  The primary focus of the ACEDP is on water resources and integrated river basin management, but there will be flexibility to address other emerging environmental priorities by agreement between the two governments. 

The ACEDP aims to facilitate enduring partnerships between Chinese and Australian agencies, institutions and individuals engaged in national environmental policy development and implementation through a combination of high level policy dialogue, capacity building measures and collaboration on discreet activities that demonstrate good environmental governance.

Specific outcomes for the ACEDP will be enduring partnerships between Chinese and Australian agencies involved in policy development on environment, strengthened policy development processes on environmental management, and the successful implementation of pilot activities utilizing good environmental governance and practices.

Throughout the five years, the program will remain dynamic and flexible in order to respond to emerging environment policy priorities, and provide a unique level of access and engagement between senior levels of Chinese and Australian Government officials.

As one of the core partners of the ACEDP, Ministry of Environmental Protection undertakes many ACEDP projects in China and is actively involved in its decision-making process. Foreign Economic Cooperation Office is the implementing agency of Ministry of Environmental Protection. Current projects executed by Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection include:

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