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EU-China Biodiversity Programme

Time of Approval:

61,400,000 USD (EU Grant: 34,900,000 USD, Co-financing: 26,500,000 USD)


International Implementing Agency: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


EU-China Biodiversity Programme (ECBP) aims to conserve specific ecosystems in China by strengthening biodiversity management. It will develop the capacity of Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) which is the secretariat of China Steering Committee of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and establish effective systems of monitoring and feed-back, and seek to strengthen the effectiveness of the Steering Committee itself.

Innovative and replicable mechanisms will be developed to integrate and strengthen institutional mechanisms for policy implementation on provincial and local levels through a series of innovative, on-the-ground Field Projects, which will be implemented on a variety of institutional and ecological local settings. Through the Field Projects, the Programme will support the development of multiple partnerships between international, national and local governmental and non-governmental agencies. The Field Projects will become agents of change, supporting and initiating appropriate changes to laws, policies, plans, programmes, procedures and practices at the national level. The Programme will emphasize environmental awareness and establish a common platform for environmental communication and visibility.

At the highest level, the Programme takes place within the China Biodiversity Partnership Framework. A key feature is to demonstrate that biodiversity makes an essential contribution to socio-economic development, income generation and poverty alleviation.

For more information, please visit the program website: http://www.ecbp.cn/en/index.jsp.



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