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Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol

China signed the Vienna Convention on Ozone Layer Protection in 1989, and ratified the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Depletes the Ozone Layer (London Amendment) in 1991, its Copenhagen Amendment in 2003, and Montreal Amendment and Beijing Amendment in 2010, operating as one of the Article 5 countries. Since its ratification of the Convention, China gradually established a sound institutional and policy systems for implementation of the Convention and the Protocol. In 1993, China formulated its Country Program for Phaseout of Ozone Depleting Substances, which was later revised in 1999. In line with the Country Program, a series of projects and sectoral plans for ODS phaseout have been developed and implemented in close cooperation with the international agencies and domestic authorities as well as the local enterprises.

Great achievements have been made, and the total phaseout in China has reached about 100,000 tons of ODS production and 110,000 tons of ODS consumption, accounting for 50% of the total phaseout in developing countries. As a result, China has realized an advanced phaseout of major controlled substances by two and half years ahead of schedule, becoming an example for the developing countries, and was given the Award for Implementation of the Montreal Protocol by the United Nations.

FECO hosts the office of China National Leading Group for Ozone Layer Protection, and is in charge of, on behalf of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the overall coordination and implementation of China Country Program for ODS Phaseout under the Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol. It closely cooperates with the MLF and the international implementing agencies to develop and implement ODS phaseout projects, and coordinates ODS production, consumption, import and export. It also hosts and performs daily operations of the China National Office for Management of ODS Import and Export.

For more information, please visit our Ozone Action in China website: http://www.ozone.org.cn, which is dedicated specially to the implementation of the Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol in China.

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