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GEF Project “Environmentally Sustainable Development of the Iron and Steel Industry in China” Approved
Date: 06-19-2020

  In June 2020, the GEF Project “Environmentally Sustainable Development of the Iron and Steel Industry in China” jointly developed by the Foreign Environmental Cooperation Center (FECO) and the World Bank was reviewed and approved by the 58th meeting of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council. The project, which has been included in the work plan of the seventh replenishment of the GEF, is funded by a GEF grant of USD 25 million with an implementation period from 2021 to 2026. This project is a national project with the largest amount of GEF grant in POPs field so far.


  Iron ore sintering and arc furnace steelmaking in the steel industry are the major sources of dioxins in China. Dioxins are the representative substances of unintentionally released persistent organic pollutants (U-POPs). The project aims to assist China to fulfill its obligations related to the reduction and control of U-POPs emissions under the Stockholm Convention, and reduce and eliminate the U-POPs generated and released in China's steel industry by introducing, demonstrating and promoting the best available techniques and the best environmental practices (BAT/BEP). The project will strengthen the application and supervision capability on the new technologies in the steel industry, carry out pilot, evaluation and monitoring of BAT/BEP application, publicize and promote the pilot application experience, and enhance the sustainable development of the environment in this industry.


  While cutting U-POPs emissions from the steel industry, the project will promote the implementation of ultra-low emissions in the steel industry, coordinate in reducing emissions of other environmental pollutants, facilitate the winning of the battle against pollution, and contribute to the protection of global human health and ecological environment.

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